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Building businesses built for the future, digitally optimized for marketing success.

Conscious Lane is a Digital Enhancement Agency.

Conscious Lane is a Digital Enhancement Agency.

Effective digital integrations into the systems of your business can bring improved productivity, optimized marketing and usable data to guide your progression.

Grow Your Business

Reach out and book a call with our strategy team.

They will run over your current systems, marketing efforts, goals and  outline an effective and practical way to scale your business using digital tools.

Previous Projects

"Conscious Lane provides us with prompt service delivery and have great commitment to the task at hand!"

Melissa - Koko and Roo

"I've been using Conscious Lane for Ad campaigns on Google and social media for over 2 years now and they've delivered truly tangible results. My small business has grown immensely thanks to the help of their targeted campaigns. I used to think I could figure it out on my own, yet I never saw any results until I got CL onboard. They deliver exceptional service with a personal touch tailored to my needs and I've been highly impressed with their work. I look forward to growing my online presence more and more in the years to come with the wonderful team at Conscious Lane."

Melissa - Melissa's Make-up

"Amazing service! They helped my business to push out a slump. Unfortunately when Covid hit we had to push back a lot of plans however they were very quick to help us adapt and innovate."

Jessica - Jessy's Waffles

How we work

We like to say we perform the function of your own in-house marketing team at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own team, but we are a lot more than that.

We outline your current processes, identify areas for improved productivity through digital automation and create strategic marketing actions to help meet your growth goals.

We focus on optimizing and developing success through a strategic view of performance metrics.

Our Process

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Why Conscious Lane?

We've been there!

Our background created a unique set of skills.

Not in a, "What I do have is a very particular set of skills" way.

But in a way that makes us uniquely adapted for this role.

Both partners being previous employees across a broad scope of jobs in the Medical and Marketing fields.

Together we have been employees, entrepreneurs and business owners.

It has given us a special perspective that helps us to link internal process to marketing.

Our goal is to help you integrate digital systems into your processes to raise productivity and performance within your team as well as create and implement marketing strategies that expands your brand and captures leads.

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