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Determine your Phase

Time to identify your phase!

Our 3 Phased approach assists you to identify your current position and what your unique needs are as you build your business. We will be with you every step of the way.


How to Determine you Phase in 3 easy steps.


1.  Wait for the Questionnaire Pop-up

A pop up will display shortly, which will prompt you to login via Facebook or to continue as a guest.

If you loose the pop up you can access it via the messenger icon on in the right-hand corner of the page at any time.

2. Complete the Questionnaire

You will be taken through a series of questions (which will take under 10mins to complete).

3. Find out your Phase

Once you have completed all the questions your phase will be revealed to you in the chat box.

Simply click on your phase (follow the prompts) and get access to loads of FREE content specific your phase and start your digital journey with us.


If you already know your phase click below to access your membership or to sign up.